Using SSH for Remote Access

SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) is necessary when working with the server but can also be helpful for configuring the Access Points. For remote machines - like the SPRAWL Server - SSH can be used for command-line operations and command execution.

Connecting to an SSH Server

For connecting to a remote machine, it needs to run an SSH server. On the client side, an SSH connection can be established without additional installations from the terminal on Linux and MAC machines and - since version 10 - from Windows. For older Windows versions, users can use Putty.

$ ssh username@address

X11 Forwarding

With X11 Forwarding, SSH can also be used to run applications with a GUI, remotely. Simply add the -X argument to do so:

$ ssh -X username@address

Remote Commands

SSH can also be used to send single commands, without starting a remote session. This example launches the jack_simple_client, which plays a continuing sine tone on the remote machine.

$ ssh -t username@address 'jack_simple_server'


Log into the server with SSH.