Using Python for Control

Python offers many useful tools for preparing data and controlling synthesis processes. Although it can also be used for actual digital signal processing, its versatility makes it a great tool for auxuliary tasks. Most notably, it can be used for flexible processing and routing of OSC messages, especially in the field of data sonification.

Python & OSC

A large variety of Python packages offers the possibility of using OSC. They can be installed using pip:

$ pip install python-osc
$ pip install pythonosc

An example project for controlling a Faust-built synthesizer with Python is featured in this software repository:

Python & JACK

The JACK Audio Connection Kit Client for Python by Matthias Geier connects Python processes to the JACK server. This integration of Python in a JACK ecosystem can be helpful not only for audio processing, but also for synchronization of processes. Since the Python package also implements the JACK transport functions, it can be used to couple Python threads to the timeline of audio projects.