The Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC) was founded at the TU Studio in 2017 as a place for developing and performing with custom musical instruments on large loudspeaker setups.

EOC Website:

Initially, the EOC worked in a traditional live setup with sound director. Several requests arose during the first years:

  • enable control of the mixing and rendering system through musicians

    • control spatialization

  • flexible spatial arrangement of musicians

    • break up rigid stage setup

  • distribution of data

    • scores

    • playing instructions

    • visualization of system states

The SPRAWL System

During Winter Semester 2019-20 Chris Chafe was invited as guest professor at Audio Communication Group. In combined classes, the SPRAWL network system was designed and implemented to solve the above introduced problems in local networks:

Quarantine Sessions

The quarantine sessions are an ongoing concert series between CCRMA at Stanford, the TU Studio in Berlin, the Orpheus Institute in Gent, Belgium and various guests:

These sessions use the same software components as the SPRAWL System. Audio is transmitted via JackTrip and SuperCollider is used for signal processing.

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