Plans and Directions

The original SPRAWL System was designed as a means for enhanced interaction in Local Area Networks (LAN) (read more). Due to the needs for online teaching and musical performance in 2020, the concept was extended to a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. In the coming months, the project with be extended in a cooperation with LTU, Sweden and Ritmo, Oslo. The following areas can be tackled in this period.

Multichannel Clients

In this semester we will extend the system to incorporate clients and endpoints with difeerent configurations, including larger loudspeaker setups:


Extended SPRAWL System, allowing Access Points with different configurations.

Gestural Control

All three sites in the project will be equipped with a motion tracking system and multichannel loudspeaker setups, using different configurations. Experiments will aim at sharing spatial sound between the sites and manipulating them with gestural input.


21 channel Ambisonics setup with motion capturing system at BOL.

Clocking and Syncing

Another focus will be experiments with shared clocks and sequences, in cooperation with the RITMO group in Oslo:

We have the possibility to join the Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop for our closing concert on June 22-25.

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