Simple GUI

SuperCollider comes with a powerful unified Qt GUI framework to create functional user interfaces with little effort. The comprehensive SuperCollider GUI Introduction includes many details on the use and customization of GUI elements.

This example focuses on the plain use of a vertical slider to control a parameter of a node:


      // a sine oscillator node with one parameter
      var x = {|freq=100|,}.play;

      // create a window with width and position
  var w = Window("Slider", Rect(128, 64, 800, 480));

      // add a slider
      var slider = Slider(w, Rect(400,200,60,200));

      // the callback function on slider move
      slider.action_({x.set(\freq, slider.value * 10000)});

      // "same effect as setting -visible to true"





Use the Slider2D class to control two parameters of a node (gain+frequency, 2xfrequency, ...).